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What to expect...

I will work with you one-on-one to make meal preparation more cost effective, efficient, and stress-free, while meeting your specific time constraints, food preferences, and dietary goals.

After identifying your needs, I will provide a menu plan each week for 4 weeks. You will have a chance to provide feedback each week, and we will modify your menus accordingly. In the end, you will have one month of menus, with coordinated recipes, shopping lists, and tips for execution.

It's like having a personal chef-coach in your back pocket!


A complete Personalized Menu Planning Package includes:

  • a one-on-one consultation, in person or virtual
  • personalized assessment
  • 4-week Menu Plan, specifically tailored to your preferences
  • weekly shopping lists
  • coordinated plan for execution
  • Menu Planning Binder, with completed planner, recipes, & shopping lists
  • bonus recipes
  • equipment tips & tricks
  • picky eater guide
  • PDF forms
  • follow-up consultations


Purchase this option any time, and I will call you to schedule an appointment.

Complete Personalized Menu Planning Package

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